2015 USA – Day 6 – Monument Valley

Monument Valley, located on the Navajo Nation Reservation in northeastern Arizona, is a stunning and iconic landscape known for its towering red sandstone buttes and spires. The valley is a sacred site for the Navajo people, and it has been featured in countless movies, photographs, and works of art.

One of the most famous and recognizable features of Monument Valley is the Mittens, a pair of towering red sandstone buttes that are visible from many vantage points throughout the valley. Visitors can take a guided tour of the valley, which takes them on a 17-mile loop road through the heart of the valley, passing by several iconic landmarks and providing stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

The park also offers several hiking trails, including the Wildcat Trail which leads to the base of the Mittens, and the Artist’s Point Trail which provides views of the valley from a high vantage point. Visitors can also take a guided horseback ride through the valley, which provides a unique perspective of the landscape.

In addition to its natural beauty, Monument Valley is also home to a rich cultural heritage. The Navajo people have lived in the area for centuries and continue to do so. Visitors can take part in cultural tours and activities, such as traditional storytelling and Navajo weaving demonstrations, which provide an in-depth look at the history, culture, and way of life of the Navajo people.

Monument Valley is an excellent destination for nature lovers, photographers, and anyone interested in the history and culture of the American Southwest. Its iconic landscape and rich cultural heritage make it a must-see destination for anyone visiting the area. With a variety of activities and attractions available, the valley offers something for everyone, and it is a great destination for families, couples, and solo travelers alike.

Monument Valley is one of the most iconic and beautiful places in the American Southwest. Its towering red sandstone buttes and spires, rich cultural heritage, and range of activities make it a perfect destination for anyone looking to explore the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Southwest. Whether you’re a photography buff, a culture enthusiast or just someone looking for a scenic drive, Monument Valley has something to offer.