Hiking the Grande Traversata delle Alpi (GTA) in the Italian Alps – Part 4 – Carcoforo – Rima

Again I slept quite badly, because constantly bimmel of any animals was in the night. In addition, it was extremely warm in the room and no breeze moved. After the rather meager breakfast it went again up a slope and this time steeper than the days before. I also had to hurry this time, because thunderstorms were predicted. Unfortunately, it went from a certain height again completely through fog, whereby the visibility was severely limited and no visibility was there. On the other side of the mountain was again the same game as the day before. From a certain height, the sun came out again, but this time with some clouds in the sky. The thunderstorm stayed away, however, and I could finally spend a little south of Carcoforo in a hotel outside on the terrace and relax comfortably with tea.