Korg Minilogue XD Midi Clock Problems

I had some issues with my synthesizers chain, especially with the MPC one with external synchronisation to the PC. Somehow it worked some times and sometimes not. I found now out after hours checking, that the Minilogue XD always sends Midi Clock data, via MIDI and USB. Does not matter. This confuses the whole chain and leads to crazy artefacts when using MPC external midi clock synchronisation. Korg indeed included no option to turn the midi clock sending off. There is also another issue. When the XD arpeggio is running by external clock and that clock turns off. It will run on the speed of the internal clock further, because the clock has only an automatic internal external switch. This thing is also not usable live via MPC only. I will try this a little more but I think I have to sell this piece unfortunately.

| Status[H] | Description |
| F8 | Timing Clock |
| FA | Start |
| FC | Stop |
| FE | Active Sensing |

This message is transmitted when the “En Rx Transport” is set to “On”.

The midi implementation says that En RX Transport can turn the messages off, but it does not. I think my old 90s MOTU Timepiece can mute system realtime messages….

It is indeed possible to Filter the Midi Clock with a Motu Timepiece II. There has to be only the muting for real time turned on at the XD input channel of the Timepiece. This is really great for a 30 years old hardware.

Summer Ends – The Beginning And The End Of An Era EP – Full Album

1 – Disturbing Edges
2 – Earth Still Standing
3 – Deep Tube Shining
4 – Low Gain
5 – Grey Buidling
6 – The Frozen River
7 – Slowly
8 – Waves
9 – Live
10 – Breath

You can download the full album here:

All songs were made with a Korg Minilogue, Korg Z1 and Akai MPC one, standalone and without mastering