Hiking around Wissembourg in France

Wissembourg is a small town in France on the border with Germany at the foot of the Vosges Mountains. In this hike, we started in Wissembourg in early 2022 winter and walked through the forests and vineyards towards Germany and back.

Abandoned houses and defense facilities in eastern France

A Sunday in January with quite moderate weather invited to a small trip by car. France is open for fully vaccinated and so I drove after a long time once again in the Northern Vosges. The Northern Vosges are opposite the Black Forest on the French side of the Upper Rhine Valley. The special thing about this region is the turbulent history and the many defense works from the first and second world war. In fact, there are hundreds of often huge bunkers and thousands of small bunkers scattered in the fields.

Hiking around Hoerdt and the Rhein River in Germany in January 2022

In the third year of the crisis and in early January 2022, we finally went on a little hike again. The route was again around 16 km and this time took us along the upper Rhine in Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. Actually, January is pretty much the worst time of year to be outside, but still better than being inside when the weather is reasonably good, that is when it’s not raining. The temperature was also hovering around freezing and we were again pretty much the only people out on Saturday. In the end we moved around the forests and bats and along the Rhine near Hördt in Germany in Rheinland Pfalz.

Hiking around Bad Duerkheim in Germany 2022

This hike was to Bad Dürkheim in Reinland Pfalz in Germany at the end of 2021. First it went uphill through forests and then in a circle back to Bad Dürkheim. In between, some restaurants should actually be open in the summer, but of course everything was closed during our visit. Special highlights were a castle ruin, a monastery ruin and a graduation house.

Visiting Schwaebisch Hall in Germany in January 2022

Shortly after New Year’s Day 2022, I went on a little excursion to an area I had not yet been to. I drove through the city of Schwäbisch Hall. This city was different than I had imagined before and I walked a little through the old town. In the old town there are very many almost 500 year old houses to see.

Hiking around Hanhofen in Germany in January 2022

This time our hike in early January 2022 went to the flat plain of the Rhine valley north near Karlsruhe in Germany. We had chosen this route because it is a bit more relaxed to walk without climbs and also we did not know the area yet. The Rhine valley north of Basel is about 50 km wide and completely flat. Therefore, there are a lot of fields on this fertile soil, but also some forests. So we walked through this ancient cultivated area at almost 0 degrees Celsius in winter.

Hiking around Neustadt Weinstrasse

Just before Christmas, a 16km tour took us into the Palatinate Forest to Neustadt an der Weinstrasse in Rhineland/Palatinate in 2021. Neustadt is quite an old town with a historic old town. We hiked through the nearby forest around a small mountain to the top and then back to the town.