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In the course of time I have accumulated a number of places visited around the world. This website is primarily there to document these places for myself and to help a little with the memory. Mainly photos will be found here, but since 2018 also videos. In addition there are some travelogues, which were unfortunately never really finished, but will be completed in the future. The website starts with a tour to Florida in 2009. Through official visits I visited far more places than are shown on the map and were marked. However, I at least marked the most important places. For some there are no travel reports, photos or videos because the length of stay was simply too short or I had no desire to document something. The following places or regions were visited by me and have some content on this site:

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2022 Australia – November – Sydney

Sydney is one of the most iconic and popular cities in the world, located in the southeastern part of Australia. It is the capital of New South Wales and is known for its stunning beaches, picturesque harbour, bustling nightlife, and diverse culture. With a population of over 5 million people, Sydney is a vibrant and dynamic city that offers something for everyone.

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Australia 2022 – October – Royal National Park

The Royal National Park is a magnificent natural reserve located on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia. Established in 1879, it is the oldest national park in the country and one of the world’s oldest national parks. Spanning over 15,000 hectares, the park features a diverse range of landscapes, from lush rainforests to golden beaches, rugged cliffs, and scenic waterfalls. It is truly a nature lover’s paradise, with an abundance of flora and fauna that is unique to this part of the world.

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The Castle of the Angels in Rome in Italy

This visit to the Castle of the Angels in Rome was part of our stay near Rome. The Castle of the Angels was once a refuge for the popes and is said to be directly connected to the Vatican through underground passages. In any case, the castle is built immensely massive, but as far as I know has not withstood at least once, because the defenders had given up. With 12 € entrance fee, there is besides all the sights in the castle, even as a bonus an excellent view over the city of Rome!

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First Impressions of Rome in Italy

Our first visit to Rome took us first by train to the Colosseum and then on foot eventually across the entire historic city center, past the Colosseum, Trajan’s Column, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and many other sights. We needed first of all a day to get some overview to be able to proceed later a little more purposeful. Rome has an incredible number of sights.

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The Ancient Town of Ostia Antica in Italy

We had decided on a trip to Rome in Italy. Fortunately, Rome is only a few kilometers away from the more. Sea location is too expensive, Rome is too expensive, so something in between and then still have both. That was the plan and we booked a nice apartment in Ostia Antica. Ostia Antica is a 3000 year old city that once formed the port of ancient Rome and is now mostly abandoned. The historic buildings were abandoned around 400-500 AD and the city fell into disrepair. Interestingly, this was a huge city with a few tens of thousands of inhabitants at that time with immense wealth, which is still clearly visible today.

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