Tour Map

In the course of time I have accumulated a number of places visited around the world. This website is primarily there to document these places for myself and to help a little with the memory. Mainly photos will be found here, but since 2018 also videos. In addition there are some travelogues, which were unfortunately never really finished, but will be completed in the future. The website starts with a tour to Florida in 2009. Through official visits I visited far more places than are shown on the map and were marked. However, I at least marked the most important places. For some there are no travel reports, photos or videos because the length of stay was simply too short or I had no desire to document something. The following places or regions were visited by me and have some content on this site:

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Visiting Hunter Valley And Central Coast North Of Sydney In Australia ๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡ฒ – E33

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: I wanted to discovery the surrounding landscape of Sydney, Australia. Before i had visited the south and drove around the Blue Mountains. The only part which was left was the north. I heared about the Hunter Valley, which is famous for its Wine and decided to drive there. Unfortunately I started too late and because of some heavy traffic it took much longer to go there than I had expected. I visited some Wineries and drove back along the Central Coast through The Entrance and further South back to Sydney. The Movie was made in December 2019 when the bushfires around Sydney startet to increase. The fire at the end of the movie intensified and resulted in a thick smoke in Sydney the coming days.

Garden Visit During The Current Situation In April 2020

Because of the current situation it is not possible to go anywhere. Its good if you have a garden property where you can stay outside in the beautiful weather and do some things. We worked for some weeks now in the garden and planted something. Lets hope that everything will grow and that we can get a harvest in some weeks.