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In the course of time I have accumulated a number of places visited around the world. This website is primarily there to document these places for myself and to help a little with the memory. Mainly photos will be found here, but since 2018 also videos. In addition there are some travelogues, which were unfortunately never really finished, but will be completed in the future. The website starts with a tour to Florida in 2009. Through official visits I visited far more places than are shown on the map and were marked. However, I at least marked the most important places. For some there are no travel reports, photos or videos because the length of stay was simply too short or I had no desire to document something. The following places or regions were visited by me and have some content on this site:

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Hiking Around Stanwell Park

Another interesting area that is quite easily accessible from Sydney are the stations just south of the Royal National Park. Unfortunately, the trip here also takes about 2 hours, but the trip to the Blue Mountains takes much longer. I’ve driven through the area a few times by car, but never hiked through. So I decided for an easy and quite short hike, early 2023 around the small village of Stanwell Park.

Walking from Hawkesbury River The Great North Walk to the South

I’ve been to a few places to hike around Sydney now. On this trip on a weekend day, this time I took the train north to Hawkesbury River station. At this station there is an access to the Great North Walk, which goes from Sydney to Newcastle or even further. I decided to walk the piece from Haweksbury River to one of the more southern stations. This walk took place in December 2022.

Walking Along the Coast in Singapore 2022

I had a somewhat long layover in Singapore on my flight back to Germany from Sydney. For this reason, I had booked a hotel for one night and had to go on the very next day. In the end, I only had about three hours in the late evening to walk around a bit. It was December 2022 and as always tropically warm in Singapore. So I walked a little along the beach and then back to my hotel.