Hiking the Grande Traversata delle Alpi (GTA) in the Italian Alps – Part 1 – Forno – Rimella

This was the beginning of the hike on the Grande Traversata delle Alpi (GTA) from Forno to Rimella. First, the path led lonely, because I really met no one until the afternoon along a river always uphill towards Campello Monti. The entire way to Rimella led over a pass at 2100 m altitude and then again quite steeply downhill. The weather was excellent for the hike and hardly a cloud was in the sky. But that also meant very strong sunlight and quite high heat, which only became bearable again with the altitude. Shortly after Campello Monti were finally no more trees and it went quite steeply uphill to the pass. On the pass was quite a nice wide view, with the 4500m high Monte Rosa also visible on the right. After that it went downhill again through open terrain and finally again through forests and some villages to Rimella. The hike took about 10 hours and had an elevation gain of 1200m, with about 1000m also going back down.