Hiking the GTA in the Italian Alps – Part 9 – Oropa – Refugio Coda

From Oropa, this time with a homemade breakfast, we headed back towards the Basilica and then on towards the mountains. At first I was alone on the way, but already a little later other hikers came. A prominent place was a cable car at which some hikers arrived. From there it went also further with another cable car up the mountain. However, the cable car was not running. In some distance a building on a mountain was visible. When approaching it turned out that it was another building of a cable car, where however the building was abandoned and also no more rope was there. Arrived at the pass were immensely many mosquitoes, so I went on immediately. At the altitude of about 2500m was this time quite a lot of fog. On the other side it was no longer so easy to go forward. Everywhere coarse rocks. The way to the Refugio Coda then also dragged on forever. Some places was quite dangerous in terms of falling. At some point I arrived at the Refugio and I was quite cold. I had not even noticed how I had hypothermia in the fog and at altitude.