🇨🇳 2012 China – Day 2 – 01.06.2012 – Xingcheng

Risen around 0800. The yelping dog of the night had been replaced by a younger yelping dog. The window didn’t close, but it didn’t disturb. Luckily I had bought cappu before, so there was something like coffee to drink. The shower was in the bathroom without any limitations, so I wet the whole bathroom. Before I had to wait forever until hot water came. In the hotel I heard as good as nobody. I paid downstairs for another day and went towards the station to buy a ticket to Tianjin. Two counters had opened and before it there was a large crowd, which was worked off however quite fast. With the help of the LP I could buy a card without problems.

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🇲🇦 2011 Morocco – Day 1 – Marrakech

Around 0730 public transport was used to get to the airport FKB. First tram, then tram again, then bus. Relatively cumbersome but without problems. The winter had settled now also in Baden and everywhere lay snow and of course it was cold. At check-in my backpack was 8.5 kg. So I could have taken something with me. But I didn’t need any more as it should turn out later. Around 0930 the plane took off for Girona. Cloud cover pierced and already times little sun again after long time see.

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🇪🇸 2010 Barcelona – Day 1

I woke up around 0300. Actually I first had to get up around 0500, the worse were the following two hours, which I had spent on one side, then throwing on the other side in bed to wake up sometime and look at the clock. 0456 that’s the way it always comes, it was clear. Coffee made and terribly trembled, because the heating only starts automatically around 0600. A short look in front of the door brought the result that it was not white outside as expected. On the evening before it had started to snow, which luckily did not remain, because the temperature was about 0°. Something in the net surfed and on Telepolis the newest messages read. With DE it goes further and further downhill. Then the morning toilet finished, read on and packed my stuff into the bigger AMI backpack. Heaters set to 10°C again, time to get off to the train. Two stations from Söllingen station to Berghausen Stadium, where Peter my nice wise driver was already waiting for me.

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