Hiking the Grande Traversata delle Alpi (GTA) in the Italian Alps – Part 5 – Rima – Sant Antonio

The last stage of the first trip on the GTA. I left again quite early after I had slept again quite badly. The cook or owner (so clear to me was not) drove me early again the 5 km back to RIma and I went through the deserted village up the mountain. Again, everything was damp and in the fog so that I hardly saw anything. Nevertheless, the area was spectacular to look at and it went again to an altitude of about 2500m. After some time the pass was finally reached. Before that it went through some snow fields. At the pass was again not a particularly clear view and I went on to a refugio further down. A little further up from the refugio there should be a place called Belvedere, which should give an excellent view of Monte Rosa. The path was steep and somewhat exposed, in any case a bit more difficult to walk than my way before and with all the luggage. At some point I reached Belvedere and unfortunately had little view of Monte Rosa. Only briefly he was visible outside the clouds. After my lunch there I went back down, which was even more arduous with the luggage and the steepness. Now it went into the valley to Alagna, whereby shortly before Alagna still a thunderstorm came up that took place near the Refugio. From Alagna it was still forever far down the valley to the turn into the Vogna valley. There it went up again a few hundred meters to my final stop at the Refugio there in the evening. On this day I had completed with Abstandt the longest distance and the highest altitude difference.