Hiking the GTA in the Italian Alps – Part 6 – Sant Antonio – Refugio Rivetti

The second part of the hike on the GTA started right where the first one left off. I drove by car to Sant Antonio to the Refugio, whereby I was previously by masses of vacation travelers for hours in the traffic jam. This time I was not alone in the Refuigo as in June, but at least 4 other hikers were also there. I got my compartment and fell asleep early. The next day it went immediately the long hike to Refugio Rivetti which is not recommended for entry. I walked it anyway. At the beginning the route went very long through the valley, steadily uphill. Later in the steeper and at the first ridge extremely steep down into a kind of cauldron. The had to be crossed and then was again a pass. From the second pass it went quite laboriously over large rocks along a ridge to the third pass. From there there was a very nice view of the Po Valley and the Refugio was only 5 minutes away at an altitude of about 2300m.