2021 Finland

Finland is a country located in Northern Europe, known for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and high standard of living. The country is bordered by Sweden to the west, Norway to the north, and Russia to the east. It is also part of the Baltic region and the Finnish Gulf is part of the Baltic sea.

One of the main attractions in Finland is its natural beauty, including the thousands of lakes and islands that make up the Finnish Lakeland, and the vast expanses of wilderness in Lapland, home of the indigenous Sami people. Visitors can take a boat tour to explore the lakes and islands, or go on a dog-sledding or reindeer-sledding adventure in Lapland.

Another popular attraction in Finland is its rich culture, which is heavily influenced by its history and proximity to other Nordic countries. Visitors can explore the medieval Old Town of Turku, the country’s former capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or experience the unique Finnish sauna culture. Visitors can also enjoy the traditional Finnish folk music and dance, which is still an important part of the country’s cultural heritage.

Finland is also known for its high standard of living, which is reflected in its excellent healthcare, education and social services. The country is known for its innovative technology and it’s home to many internationally renowned companies such as Nokia and Rovio (creator of the game Angry Birds). Visitors can also learn about the country’s technology and innovation at the Heureka Science Centre.

The country is also home to many national parks, such as the Oulanka National Park and the Koli National Park. Visitors can hike, bike, or ski through the parks and enjoy the natural beauty of the country’s forests, lakes and rivers.

Finland is a country located in Northern Europe, known for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, high standard of living, and innovative technology. Whether you’re interested in nature, culture, or innovation, Finland has something to offer everyone. It’s a great destination for outdoor activities, relaxation, and for those looking for an unique and authentic experience.