The Grande Traversata delle Alpi (GTA) in Italy from Forno to Alagna Valsesia

For the third time, I went to the Alps in Italy for the Grande Traversata delle Alpi in 2021. This time, The Great Destroyer was present and walked the route for the first time. This meant that we started the whole route all over again together. That’s not bad, it gave me a chance to see it again a little later in the year. And it was indeed completely different. On my first tour, it was still partly over snow on the high passes and in fog. Here, the weather was perfect, sunny and warm. The vegetation was also much wider than just two months before. In parts, I could no longer recognise the route. Anyway, it was clear that summer at 2500 m is very very short. Now as I write these lines it is mid-October and winter has been back there for a few weeks. When we were there it was August. In any case, a very worthwhile second tour for me, this time all together in just one video.