Castle Ruin Zavelstein – Germany ?? 4K

ZAVELSTEIN, GERMANY: Burg Zavelstein is located in the northern Black Forest in Germany. It is a ruin of a castle that was built around 1200. The castle was destroyed in 1692 and has been abandoned since then. The clearest remnant is the 28 m high tower, which is still in good condition today. Parts of the outer walls remain from the rest of the castle. The castle can be visited free of charge. Only for the ascent to the tower you have to pay 50 ct.

Castle Ruin Saint Ulrich – France ?? 4K

Our weekly Sunday excursion took place this time in the French Vosges. The Vosges are a low mountain range in the east of France near the Rhine plain. The Vosges are full of historic buildings and the Saint Ulrich ruin is one of them. The ruin is located not far from the small town of Ribeauville on a hill with a beautiful view over the Rhine Valley.

?? 2019 Germany – Burg Teck (Castle Teck) 4K

Actually, we wanted to go to our garden. From the garden we always saw a castle on a mountain. The castle is the castle Teck in the federal state Baden Württemberg in Germany. So we decided to stop by and see if a trip there would be worth it. From the parking lot it was not then nevertheless so far and we went spontaneously the right steep ascent to the castle.

2011 Marokko – Tag 8 – Tafraoute

An diesem Tag stand ich wieder zeitig auf. Ich hatte mittlerweile 500 km im Land größtenteils mit dem Bus zurückgelegt. Heute sollte es 200 km weiter in den Anti-Atlas nach Tafraoute gehen. Ich hatte noch vorher das Mofa zurückzubringen und die Fahrt abzuklären, die aber eigentlich nicht abzuklären war, sonder spontan geschehen musste. Ich machte noch ein Foto von meiner Terrasse in Legzira, duschte reichlich mit warmen Wasser und ging schließlioch das Mofa holen. Das stand auch noch so wie ich es abgestellt hatte. Ich machte auch davon ein Foto, da ich nicht so schnell wieder Gelegenheit haben werde an so einem Platz mit einem Mofa unterwegs zu sein, zumal das Bild ganz hübsch aussieht. Auf dem Gepäckträger sieht man auch noch den Reserveliter Sprit in der Plastikflasche, den ich zum Glück nicht anrühren musste obwohl ich immer Vollgas gefahren bin und meine leere Getränkeflasche.

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2011 Morocco – Day 8 – Tafraoute

That day I got up early again. Meanwhile I had covered 500 km in the country mostly by bus. Today it should go 200 km further into the Anti-Atlas to Tafraoute. I had to bring the moped back before and to clarify the journey, which however could not be clarified actually, but had to happen spontaneously. I took another photo of my terrace in Legzira, showered abundantly with warm water and went to fetch the moped. That stood also still as I had turned it off. I also took a photo of it, because I won’t have the opportunity to be at such a place with a moped again, especially since the picture looks pretty. On the luggage rack you can also see the reserve liter of fuel in the plastic bottle, which I luckily did not have to touch although I always drove full throttle and my empty drink bottle.

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