How does a 60€ per day rental house look like in Tuscany region in Italy?

We went to Italy for a week to relax a bit and see the unknown area of Tuscany. The two of us rented a whole house for 60€ a day. This is much cheaper than a hotel and at the same time has much more comfort. The house was about 15 minutes by car from the Tuscan beach in Viareggio, a well-known tourist area.

We rented the house in September 2021, when the season was already over. But we were still lucky because the temperature was still almost 30 degrees and the water was still very warm.

Tuscany is a region located in central Italy, known for its rolling hills, beautiful countryside, and rich cultural heritage. The region is home to some of the most famous and picturesque towns and cities in the world, such as Florence, Siena, and Pisa. Tuscany is also known for its delicious food, world-renowned wines, and beautiful beaches.

One of the most popular destinations in Tuscany is Florence, known as the birthplace of the Renaissance. The city is home to many art museums and galleries, including the Uffizi Gallery, which houses some of the most famous works of art in the world. Visitors can also admire the beautiful architecture of the city, including the iconic Duomo, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

Another popular destination in Tuscany is Siena, known for its beautiful medieval architecture and picturesque streets. The city is home to the Piazza del Campo, a beautiful square that is the heart of the city and the site of the famous Palio horse race. Visitors can also take a tour of the Siena Cathedral, a beautiful example of Romanesque architecture.

Tuscany is also known for its beautiful countryside, which is home to many vineyards and olive groves. Visitors can take a tour of the countryside, visiting the local wineries and olive oil mills to learn about the production process and taste some of the region’s delicious wines and olive oils.

The region is also famous for its beaches, such as the famous beaches of Versilia and the Etruscan Coast. They are known for their crystal clear waters and beautiful scenery, making them perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

Tuscany is also home to many historic and cultural sites, such as the ancient city of Pisa, known for its famous leaning tower and the San Giovanni church. The region is also home to many beautiful churches and monasteries, such as the Abbey of San Galgano, which is one of the most famous examples of Romanesque architecture in Tuscany.

Tuscany is a beautiful region located in central Italy, known for its rolling hills, beautiful countryside, rich cultural heritage, delicious food, world-renowned wines and beautiful beaches. Whether you’re interested in art, history, culture, or just looking for a relaxing vacation, Tuscany has something to offer everyone.