Visiting The Ancient City Of Colmar In France ??

COLMAR, FRANCE: Colmar is a centuries-old city in the east of France in the Alsace region in the valley of the river Rhine. The city is famous for the builder of the Statue of Liberty in New York and its medieval downtown. Some houses date from the 14th century and the church is from the 13th century.

Castle Ruin Saint Ulrich – France ?? 4K

Our weekly Sunday excursion took place this time in the French Vosges. The Vosges are a low mountain range in the east of France near the Rhine plain. The Vosges are full of historic buildings and the Saint Ulrich ruin is one of them. The ruin is located not far from the small town of Ribeauville on a hill with a beautiful view over the Rhine Valley.

2017 Italy / France – Day 6 – Cinque Terre / Calanques (France)

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The Calanques are a series of steep-sided inlets, located along the Mediterranean coast in the Provence region of southeast France. These inlets, also known as fjords, are located between the towns of Marseille and Cassis and are characterized by their dramatic limestone cliffs and crystal clear waters.

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