Through The Wine Fields Of Rommersheim

It is crisis time and normally I would be back in Australia in spring. Since this is not possible at the moment, other activities have to be undertaken. After the 20 km hike through the Taunus Mountains along the Limes, this time I went to Rommersheim in Rhineland Palatinate. Again we went on a round trip, this time surprisingly again through a wine-growing landscape. The area of Rommersheim was already inhabited 2000 years ago and is quite interesting to look at during this 10 km hike.

Through The Taunus Woods Along The Ancient Limes

During this hike we went on a weekend back to the Taunus. There you can find among other things such historical specialties as millennia-old settlements or at least the remains of them. A special attraction is the Limes. The Limes was the border between the Roman Empire and Germania in the middle of Europe. This border consisted of a wall and was built in a very different way. Interestingly enough, you can actually see a wall going through the forest. The height is about 1 to 2 meters high, but since it is the remains of the Limes, you can see that this wall runs absolutely straight through the forest and does not seem to fit there at all. There are also remains of watchtowers. I was a bit surprised to see the foundation of one of the towers and the remains of the stone walls. Considering that this border was built over 2000 years ago. This hike was near Wiesbaden, Mainz, and Frankfurt in Germany October 2020.

Around Lorchhausen At The Rhine River In Germany

For this hike in the crisis, this time we went again to the Rhine in the Rheingau to Lorchhausen in the very west of Hesse. Lorchhausen, like many other villages and towns on the Rhine, is characterized by viticulture and can look back on centuries of history. On this hike we started in the middle of Lorchhausen and, as always, turned left along an approximately 10 km long circular path, first up the slope and later over fields, meadows and forests back to the Rhine. The hike took place in October 2020 and was excellent to walk despite the slowly decreasing temperatures.

Sankt Goarshausen – Loreley Roundtrack Germany

This time, in the middle of the crisis, we went again along the Rhine to Sankt Goarshausen. In this village in the middle of the Rhine stands the famous Loreley. However, there is also a hiking trail that leads from the village up the slope and finally returns to the Rhine as a circular path through fields and forests.

Hiking GPX Track Billigheim – Rheinland Pfalz Germany

Gesamtstrecke: 26588 m
Maximale Höhe: 214 m
Minimale Höhe: 68 m
Gesamtanstieg: 653 m
Gesamtabstieg: -575 m
Gesamtzeit: 07:05:12
Download file: 2020-11-21 18_40_40_Billigheim.gpx

Hiking Track Hirsau / Black Forest Germany

Gesamtstrecke: 21635 m
Maximale Höhe: 616 m
Minimale Höhe: 273 m
Gesamtanstieg: 771 m
Gesamtabstieg: -720 m
Gesamtzeit: 06:12:59
Download file: 2020-11-14 15_06_04_Hirsau.gpx

Abbey St. Hildegard and Niederwalddenkmal in Ruedesheim/Rhein in Germany

We haven’t been around the Rhine so often, so this time we took a little trip to Ruedesheim am Rhein. Ruedesheim is a tourist attraction because of its picturesque landscape in the middle of vineyards on the Rhine.
Most people took a cable car up to the Niederwalddenkmal, from where you have a unique view over the Rhine. However, we wanted to walk and took the path on foot through the countless wine fields to the St Hildegard Abbey. From there we finally walked to the Niederwalddenkmal.

Hiking in the Taunus forest near Wiesbaden in Germany

The summer was coming to an end and we went out again for a 16 km long hiking tour in the Taunus near Wiesbaden in Germany. The tour started at the Fasanerie and went clockwise through meadows and mostly forests to the Schläferskopf and Altenstein. We made this tour in October 2020.