?? Review about the “Grand Hotel Tazi Marrakech”

I was once in January 2011 in the Tazi as last night in Morocco, because the Tazi is centrally located and relatively cheap. For the same reasons we wanted to stay there again. But this time we arrived by car. I had to park the car in another parking lot and we walked to the Tazi. They also had a room available, which should cost 420 Dh. We acted down to 400. The price was for two persons and without further ado. We were assigned a greasy guy to pick up the car and unload the luggage. We refused, but went with him to get the car. For the 15 minutes we had to pay there 20 Dh, or we had already paid when we left. The greasy guy planted himself on the passenger seat and opened the window to make himself comfortable.

Then he gave some meaningless instructions from himself from time to time. The hotel parking lot was a little away from the Tazi, almost as far as we had parked in the cellar. The driveway was steep and I briefly put the underbody on, whereupon the greasy guy talked something about ok further. The cellar was a kind of underground garage with a lot of garbage and a few other cars and hardly any lighting. We first took our backpacks and went up to the room, where the greasy guy came along and fasted Money Money Money when saying goodbye. I gave him 4 Dh, whereupon he took off. What was that for now? Had he done anything and is he not employed at the hotel? The room had air conditioning, TV, bathtub and a minibar.

At least that’s what the greasy guy said. But the minibar was actually an attempt, because the contents were missing and it was a refrigerator. A short test showed that it didn’t even work. Then there was no remote control for the climate. So down to the reception again. The unfriendly receptionist picked out a completely filthy remote control, put batteries in it and gave it to the greasy guy. I didn’t want him to do anything again what I can do alone and said that I do what the receptionist explicitly said no to because the greasy guy would have to show me the switch. The greasy guy operated the switch in the room, which was absolutely not to be overlooked, gave me the remote control and disappeared fortunately immediately again. On closer inspection, the room was quite dirty and rotten.

Here there had been an attempt to raise the level a little, but due to complete dilettantism and the unwillingness to repair anything it had failed thoroughly. The owner probably takes the money for himself. It starts with the door. Here there was the attempt to use a card lock. But this didn’t work anymore because probably the batteries just had to be kept empty and a bent key had to be used. Then someone had chosen the door at the top too small, so that there was a 5cm large gap at the top. With us it was closed with a board, with other rooms not. The spy in the door was missing, the hole remained, why we had to close it with tape. The bathroom: Needless to say that there was no hot water and sometimes it was warm. Lime cleaner was certainly a free word.

The armature of the bathtub was so calcified that one could only use the shower. Lime was everywhere on the walls. Everything was absolutely miserably processed. The towels were brownish and made no clean impression. All furniture and walls were damaged, everywhere there was dirt, cracks and abrasion. The duvets did not look as if they had been thoroughly washed. I had bites from something every morning. The TV had 5 programs, one of them with English movies and Arab subtitles. As always, the hotels advertise with WiFi, which has nothing to say at all. So also with the Tazi. WiFi is normally not available at the reception desk, but in the rooms. In the Tazi the net went at least below reasonably well.

There was only one tiny trash can. Therefore we simply threw our garbage in bags under the table into a corner. There was also construction site noise from the next room. Somehow two people tried to repair something. Since the two worked anyway only in the morning and in the afternoon one hour each and otherwise sat around and gawked that kept itself however within limits. In general, one has the feeling of living in a dirty, messy, insecure hotel where a kind of mafia gang works. In summary, one can say that one should avoid the Tazi for the overnight stay absolutely. Those who live nearby can gladly give the rip-offs 5 euro for a 0,2 l beer instead of 1,2 euro for 0,5 l from the supermarket in Neustadt, but I wouldn’t give them a single cent turnover anymore.