2012 China – Day 2 – 01.06.2012 – Xingcheng

Risen around 0800. The yelping dog of the night had been replaced by a younger yelping dog. The window didn’t close, but it didn’t disturb. Luckily I had bought cappu before, so there was something like coffee to drink. The shower was in the bathroom without any limitations, so I wet the whole bathroom. Before I had to wait forever until hot water came. In the hotel I heard as good as nobody. I paid downstairs for another day and went towards the station to buy a ticket to Tianjin. Two counters had opened and before it there was a large crowd, which was worked off however quite fast. With the help of the LP I could buy a card without problems.

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2012 China – Day 3 – 02.06.2012 – Tianjin

I got up without any problems around 0430. After the shower I packed my stuff, threw the network cable behind the table and left the room. Outside it was already bright and hardly anything was going on. More was already going on at the station. Numerous travellers waited in the waiting room. Since two trains should depart shortly behind each other I asked one next to me if this is already the boarding procedure. He said no, but shortly afterwards again yes, because both trains arrive at the same time. On the platform I had to wait 10 minutes until the other train left. That was a bit pointless.

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2012 China – Day 7 – 06.06.2012 – Suzhou

Suzhou, also known as Suzhou City, is a city located in the eastern region of China, in the province of Jiangsu. It is located approximately 100 kilometers west of Shanghai and is known for its beautiful gardens, canals, and traditional architecture. Suzhou is often referred to as the “Venice of the East” due to its extensive network of canals and waterways.

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