Hiking Through The Vineyards And Woods Around Haefnerhaslach In The Heuchelberg Region In Germany

For the second time in 2021, there was slightly more sunshine and slightly higher temperatures. Meanwhile, the winter is almost over and it was time on a first major hike for the year. This time it should go to the nature park Heuchelberg. The route was 21 km long and lasted for us from about 0930 to 1530 with about 500m elevation gain. We started first in Häfnerhaslach and followed a path through a forest, then along a vineyard in a quite hidden valley, further through a hamlet and again along a much larger vineyard. Then we went back through the forest on the mountain, through the valley of Häfnerhaslach and also there through the woods back again. Overall, the route is rather exhausting from the length. Overall, there are no hiking difficulties except for the length. We had not seen any places to stop anywhere. Now this was probably not only due to the crisis situation, but there was probably really nowhere to eat and drink. GPS GPX Track for download: http://www.summer-ends.de/hiking-tracks/gps-gpx-track-hiking-haefnerhaslach/