Hiking Around Busenberg In Germany On Easter Saturday 2021

After our start into the 2021 hiking season the weekend before, this time we went on a tour around the village of Busenberg in the Palatinate Forest. We had already made this tour in December 2020, although it was then already quite wintry but no snow. This time, however, it was only slightly warmer, but by the sun already much friendlier to look at and especially by the awakening nature a strong change to December. The hike took place on Easter Saturday. Actually, I had expected quite a few hikers, but there were actually in the morning no one who met us and in the afternoon only quite a few. Overall, this tour is highly recommended, but it should bring a sufficient condition. Because it is a circular route, you can actually always go back on a direct path, but by the constant up and down, this tour is not exactly easy. After all, almost 1000m ascent to cope and the same down again and that on a distance of 20 km.