Hiking the GTA in the Italian Alps – Part 7 – Refugio Rivetti – Refugio Madonna della Neve

From Refugio Rivetti we went down about 1800 m into the valley of a small village. On Sunday there was an immense amount of activity there. Since I was quite fast and the route should be short, I strolled a bit through the village and supplied me with some stuff from the small store. At the other end of the village it should go over a bridge. The bridge was destroyed, however, so that I did not quite know where to go. I wanted to go first along the road and then up the mountain on the other side, until I saw some people walking over the large rocks in the river. So I followed them and crossed the river to the actual route. When I thought that it would be easier now, I was deceived. Due to a storm in 2020 were several rock slides to cross what was partly quite troublesome. After a while, however, I had arrived at the top of a thin ridge where the Refugio stood on a unique position. There you had almost a panoramic view through the magnificent position of the Refugio.