Hiking Around The Village of Busenberg In The Palatinate Forest Of Germany In December 2020

Once again we went for a hike in the Palatinate Forest, close to the French border. This time we had to start again due to the short time with daylight quite early in the morning to be able to carry out our quite extensive hike. The hike was mostly over meadows and forests around the village of Busenberg in the Palatinate Forest in Germany and took place in December 2020. Our GPS said for the total distance only about 20 km which seemed quite strange to us, it should have been more. However, there were 5 steep hills to climb and the elevation gain was almost 1000m according to the GPS. Overall, this route was once again highly recommended. Despite the season, there were still some hikers on the road, but nowhere was crowded, with the exception of the castle Drachenfels. There were already some excursionists on the road, but much less than in the summer. Here is a GPS track for download: http://www.summer-ends.de/hiking-tracks/hiking-gpx-track-busenberg-germany/