Hiking Around The Village of Boellenborn In The Palatinate Forest In Winter In Germany 2020

Our last hike in 2020 was again in the Palatinate Forest around the village of Böllenborn. By now we had reached some fitness and the route was thus 25 km long and led over numerous hills through forests and meadows over lonely paths through an incipient winter landscape. The elevation gain was supposedly 1200 m. However, I can not really believe this value. After this hike, winter began to set in the area and hiking was still possible, but we switched to cross-country skis. Fortunately, despite the crisis, we found a lonely track in the Black Forest where we could ski for a few days in a very beautiful area. After that we got our house handed over and were busy with renovation and moving work for a few weeks. Here you can download the GPS track of the hike: http://www.summer-ends.de/hiking-tracks/gps-gpx-track-hiking-around-boellenborn-germany/