Tour Map

In the course of time I have accumulated a number of places visited around the world. This website is primarily there to document these places for myself and to help a little with the memory. Mainly photos will be found here, but since 2018 also videos. In addition there are some travelogues, which were unfortunately never really finished, but will be completed in the future. The website starts with a tour to Florida in 2009. Through official visits I visited far more places than are shown on the map and were marked. However, I at least marked the most important places. For some there are no travel reports, photos or videos because the length of stay was simply too short or I had no desire to document something. The following places or regions were visited by me and have some content on this site:

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Fines Mundi

This week I found an incredible treasure. I have been looking for high quality literature from travel reports and research trips for the last months, even years. I had once ordered Sven Hedin in a newer edition and was terribly disappointed that everything there was shortened and came across very badly. There were no maps and pictures etc.. Therefore I had begun to buy the original editions, if possible still in the first edition, which had an extreme difference to the new editions. There were pictures, leather covers, 7+ cards, gold print and a complete edition. That had moved me at Hedin to buy only the original editions, which of course was extremely expensive. I’ve read almost all the popular works by him and also here and that certainly amounted to 1000โ‚ฌ but that was absolutely worth it. I finally came across other authors again and again, but there were no books anywhere or in the same absolutely bad condition as reprints. Finally I had received the travelogues from Barth in Africa and Forster about New Zealand and Polynesia via Google Books. That was such a bad quality. But I was also always looking for other regions and scientific editions which meant an infinite effort, because it all seems forgotten today. This week I found Fines Mundi when I was looking for Hawkesworth descriptions of the English voyages. The publishing house specialized almost exclusively in historical travel literature, research and discovery trips, so that I could find there everything I had searched in vain before. These are high quality reprints of the original editions and also reasonable in price. So if someone is interested in older travel literature: Fines Mundi

Wackelkontakt Heckklappe Audi A6 4B Avant

Das scheint ein leidiges Problem zu sein und hatte nun auch mich betroffen.

Mein Fahrzeug meldete erst im FDIS, dass die Heckklappe nicht richtig geschlossen ist obwohl sie fest eingeriegelt war. Damit konnte ich erstmal noch leben. Das wurde leider noch schlimmer, bis sie nicht mehr zuging. Das ging immer so sporadisch ueber einen Zeitraum, aber irgendwann ging sie einfach nicht mehr zu, was heisst das sie nicht mehr verriegelte. Ich liess sie erstmal eine Woche offen, was erstaunlich gut bei dem Auto geht, da nichts aus dem Kofferraum rausrutschen kann, auch bei hohen Beschleunigungen. (Habs irgendwann mal vergessen). Das Problem wollte ich dennoch loesen und machte an einem Samstag einen Reparaturversuch. Viele geben dem Mikroschalter fuer die Heckklappe die schuld. Nach einiger Recherche dachte ich das auch. Also entfernte ich die Rueckverkleidung, allerdings hatte mein Vorbesitzer schon mal das selbe gemacht und dabei die Verkleidung komplett abgerissen und abgebrochen. Zum Glueck hat er das wieder angeklebt, aber das fuehrte dazu, dass ich die nicht mehr abbauen konnte um den Mikroschalter zu inspizieren. Also musste das Problem schon mal dagewesen sein. Ich machte also einen verzweifelten Versuch und spruehte reichlich Kontaktspray und Oelspray in alle Ecken des Schlosses und betaetigte dazu noch mehrmals alle Seile und Hebel. Seltsamerweise ging das. Problem erledigt, zumindest seit drei Wochen.