I found an abandoned village in the alps of Italy

Through some detours I managed to get up the hill this stage of the Grande Traversata delle Alpi. At the top, next to the Refugio, was an old small village with about 18 houses that were in varying condition. The owner of the Refugio had been living there for generations as the last one and once it was all full of families. The place is unique on the edge of a mountain and on a narrow cliff, but at the same time quite inaccessible. However, in summer quite a lot of hikers pass by the refugio to enjoy the view. The village continues to deteriorate until there is hardly anything left of it. These are testimonies of a sinking culture.

Sacred place Oropa in Italy

This video is a small overview of Oropa in Italy. Oropa is a sacred place with a long history. I stopped there on a hike through the mountains on the Grande Traversata delle Alpi, then a day later I went further into the mountains.