Visiting Old Trenches and Hermann Fortress in Slovenia

BOVEC, SLOVENIA: During our stay in Slovenia, once again a rest day of hiking was planned and filled with excursions. This time we went to an open-air museum which we had seen from the car and which was near Bovec. The museum is free of charge and shows some remains of the trenches of the Isonzo front of the First World War.

Afterwards we drove the few minutes towards Italy to Kluze Fortress where we wanted to visit the Hermanns Fortress. The fortress is about 200 m above the Kluze Fortress and has a direct view into the Bovec valley. To get there you have to go through an impressive tunnel and an old military road up the mountain next to the Kluze Fortress.

The Hermann Fortress was already outdated at the beginning of the First World War and therefore it looked rather shot down. However, there is still quite a lot left and testifies to its former mightiness, on top of a mountain in a strategically important position.