The World Heritage Site of Postojna Caves in Slovenia

POSTOJNA, SLOVENIA: During this recreation day we went to the UNESCO World Heritage Caves of Postojna in the south of Slovenia. The Postojna Caves are huge and have large rooms with an infinite number of stalactites. There are also many animals that live in the caves. These include the largest underground living animal, the olm, but many more.

We started in the morning and reached Postojna after about 150 km at noon. Interestingly, there was not so much going on and we each got a ticket for the next tour. The tour goes in the cave first by train for about 10 minutes and then by foot for some kilometers.

There you can visit the numerous stalactites and different rooms. We additionally booked the entrance to the animal exhibition and could see the Grottenolm and many other animals like spiders, fishes and snails that only exist in caves. This animal does not get to see anywhere else. The entrance fee was with approximately 25€ per person quite high, but also worthwhile for such a big and important cave. After that we stopped at some places on the way back.