Hiking Around Wuestenrot In Germany In Spring 2021

For this hike we went a little further east to a hike around Wuestenrot. We were not quite clear what would expect us. The drive there was actually not so bad, especially because we were on the road so early. The route was once again about 20 km long and was very well rated. At the beginning, the route also made a very good impression, but this changed greatly after about half. At the end, the track was just annoying. Until now, we had actually always been very lucky, but this time not at all. This was mainly due to the fact that the route is almost exclusively on asphalt and only quite a few parts are on forest trails. Quite a long time you run on roads without footpaths and you are repeatedly led directly through any villages. This is quite annoying, especially when the sun is shining and there is hardly any shade on open meadows in the middle of the road. The counter is interesting to look at, but only if you are on stuffy single-family home settlement and want to look at the dreary life. Of course, it looks like this: It was advertised with a tower that you can visit. We had not expected to visit due to the crisis. That would not have gone otherwise, because the only sometime in the week at noon has open and also costs money. Furthermore, there is a castle. The castle is private property and if you are lucky and allowed, then you can look into the courtyard. As I said the counter looks quite special. But there are actually only houses to see. We are but to see nature and tranquility. Here, unfortunately, it was exactly the opposite, especially when the motorcyclists came later.