2022 USA – V6 – Yosemite National Park

As planned, after the rather cold experience of the day before in Sequoia National Park, this time we drove to Yosemite National Parke a little further north. Since the distance was much greater this time, we also needed a new campsite at the same time. We looked for a campground at the edge of the mountains, whereby the place was already quite high, but was quite pleasant in the sun. Afterwards we drove further in the direction of the park. This time the park was quite full and unfortunately to our disappointment the higher roads were still closed due to snow. This meant not only that we could not see the beautiful higher areas, but also the drama of having to drive around the Rockies again. Actually, I had planned to drive to Death Valley on the other side after visiting Yosemite. However, we still made the best of it and ran something through the area in the valley. Unfortunately, the valley was completely overcrowded, so that we were also later still over an hour in the traffic jam to get out of the valley again.Due to the closure of the roads we decided to go to Death Valley the very next day.