2022 USA – V17 – Hiking Grand Canyon

This tour was supposed to go to the Grand Canyon. We decided for the southern part and made there a small hike down into the valley. In the end, it was not much, but somehow the air was out due to the American lifestyle. There was just no performance left. For comparison, in the Alps we ran later in one day 1200-1500 m up and! down again. Partially over 2000 m down. The Grand Canyon is only 1000 m deep. In the Alps, some run that in 45 minutes. However, of course, you should not underestimate the solar radiation and the heat.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the United States, and hiking is one of the best ways to experience its beauty. With miles of trails that range from easy to strenuous, there is something for every level of hiker.

One of the most popular trails for beginners is the Rim Trail. This easy trail runs along the rim of the canyon, offering stunning views of the canyon, the Colorado River, and the surrounding landscape. The trail is paved and wheelchair accessible, making it a great option for families and visitors of all ages.

For those looking for a more strenuous hike, the South Kaibab Trail is a popular option. This trail offers spectacular views of the canyon and the Colorado River, but it is steep and strenuous. It is recommended for experienced hikers and those in good physical condition.

For those looking for a multi-day hiking experience, the Bright Angel Trail is a popular option. This trail offers the most spectacular views of the canyon and the Colorado River, but it is also the most strenuous. It is a 9.5-mile hike that descends 4,460 feet to the river and back up, and it’s recommended to be done with a guide.

It’s important to note that hiking in the Grand Canyon can be dangerous due to the heat, steep terrain, and lack of water sources. It’s essential to come prepared with enough water, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing and footwear. It’s also crucial to check the weather and trail conditions before starting a hike and to be aware of the park’s regulations and guidelines.