2022 USA – V13 – Driving through Utah to Green River

It was hard to believe, but once again there was a cold snap in April in the USA. As on the previous day, we drove again through Zion National Park and then the highway towards Green River in the direction of Moab. I knew that in Moab the hotels are very expensive and in Green River reasonably affordable. In the end, we got a Motel 6 for $120, which is quite outrageous by German standards. The last time I was there in 2015 I paid just $40 in any of the motels there. The landscape on the way to Green River was quite nice, but different than expected. In the end, it went from Zion National Park to a fairly high plateau, which also caused the temperatures to drop sharply. From there we finally had snowstorms all the way to Green River and I was a bit worried about the road conditions.