2019 Namibia – Day 11 – Namib Desert / Valley Of A Thousand Hills Campsite

The Namib Desert in Namibia is a vast and awe-inspiring landscape that draws visitors from all over the world. Stretching over 2,000 km along the coast of Namibia, the Namib Desert is considered one of the world’s oldest deserts, and is renowned for its unique beauty and diverse array of plant and animal species.

One of the defining features of the Namib Desert is its towering sand dunes, which are among the tallest in the world. The vibrant orange hue of the sand against the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean creates a stark and breathtaking contrast that is truly unforgettable. Visitors to the Namib Desert can experience the beauty of the sand dunes by climbing to the top of Dune 7, the tallest dune in the world, or taking a guided 4×4 tour through the desert.

In addition to its stunning landscapes, the Namib Desert is also home to a diverse range of plant and animal species, including desert-dwelling species like the oryx, springbok, and gemsbok, as well as a variety of bird species. Visitors can take guided wildlife walks through the desert to learn about the different species that call this area home, and to gain a deeper understanding of the unique ecosystem that exists in the Namib Desert.

The Namib Desert is also rich in cultural heritage, with several indigenous communities, including the Himba people, having lived in the area for centuries. Visitors can take cultural tours to learn about the traditional customs and lifestyles of the Himba people and gain a deeper understanding of the area’s rich cultural heritage.

The Namib Desert in Namibia is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a truly unforgettable experience. With its towering sand dunes, diverse wildlife, and rich cultural heritage, the Namib Desert offers visitors a unique and awe-inspiring landscape that is unlike anything else in the world. So add the Namib Desert to your travel itinerary and experience the beauty of Namibia for yourself.