2015 Morocco – Day 13 – Ait Ibriren (Dades Gorge)

The night at the hotel had been quite comfortable. Not too cold and not too warm. We had to turn on the heating in the evening but in the night the temperatures were just right. In the hotel we had not booked breakfast and therefore we drove with the car further in the direction of the gorge. Before we had already decided to stay another day here. After some time driving with attractive serpentines in the valley we reached a somewhat larger city. We just wanted to have breakfast and chose a quite frequented coffee. Everything was full with locals, because somehow it was also market day. We ordered the usual and the waiter made arrangements to set a table for us. So really with tablecloth and cutlery.

Normally we put one of the plates down and that was it. That was too stupid for us and we sat down one table further. After some time the Omlette in a Tajine and the coffee and bread came. The restaurant was quite interesting situated at a place where you had a good view over the valley. On the other side of the river some people were running and I wondered how they would get over there. Far and wide I had not seen a bridge. After dinner we went back for a walk in the gardens below the hotel in the valley. Directly at the hotel one could go below by a gate and arrived in the widely branched labyrinth-like gardens. Every meter was cultivated with something and also the trees and palms did not stand there senselessly around.