2011 Morocco – Day 14 – Ouarzazate / Marrakech

I slept well that day. I packed up my things, checked out at the slow old Zausel again and went towards the bus station. Meanwhile it had become again already at noon. The bus journey to M. should take about 5-6h. The distance was only about 200 km long, but the slow bus and the serpentines over the Atlas made the journey quite long. But this way was much better than the southern one I came from Taroudant before.

The journey went partly directly along mountain ridges. After the crossing of a pass one could see very far in direction west into the plain in direction M.. At the outskirts of M. there was a kind of tent camp, but it made a very precarious impression. Arrived at the bus station I thought about where I should spend the night this time. I wanted to ask what it costs in the Tazi, as it is very centrally located. The night should cost about 200Dh. I looked at the room before, which made a quite good impression on me. Climate, big clean bed and bathtub with hot water.

When I was in the room I noticed that the climate didn’t really work, at least the heating function didn’t work. I first took a thoroughly hot bath and went through the medina again and then ended the day.