Walking from La Perouse to Cape Banks in Sydney/Australia 🇭🇲 – E31

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Many people are visiting La Perouse at the weekends. La Perouse is a small island in the south of the botany bay near cape banks. I have never been on this island because its only possible to walk around in a circle. But there is a more hidden track which goes through the bush and which us much more attractive than a walk around the island.

Discovery Journey Around The Blue Mountains In Australia 🇭🇲 – E28

Although I have travelled a lot in Australia, I have never had the opportunity to see anything more of the Sydney area. To close this gap, I got a rental car and drove from Sydney west through the Blue Mountains and further south and back to Sydney. Interestingly enough, this film shows the still very small bush fire in the southwest of Sydney, which later destroyed everything in the area and tortured Sydney with smoke for weeks.

🇺🇸 2009 Florida – Tag 3 – Kennedy Space Center

An dem Tag hatte ich wahrscheinlich einen Vortrag in einem dieser Konferenzsäle. Als ich dort zu Beginn der Konferenz rein wollte, dachte ich zuerst das es sich um ein Zimmer mit 20 Leuten handeln würde. Schließlich war das dann doch ein Saal mit 600 Personen und 2 großen Leinwänden und Eichenholzrednerpult und Ami-Flagge. Für meinen ersten wirklichen englischen Vortrag war das eine kleine Überraschung die mich etwas nervös machte. Allerdings lief das Ganze ohne jede Probleme ab. Nach der Konferenz war noch Zeit und ich fuhr in Richtung Osten zum Kennedy Space Center.

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🇺🇸 2009 Florida – Day 3 – Kennedy Space Center

That day I probably had a lecture in one of those conference halls. When I wanted to get there at the beginning of the conference, I first thought it would be a room with 20 people. After all it was a room with 600 people and 2 big screens and oak wood lectern and American flag. For my first real English lecture it was a little surprise that made me a bit nervous. However, the whole thing went off without any problems. After the conference there was still time and I drove east to Kennedy Space Center.

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🇲🇦 2011 Morocco – Day 13 – Boumalne / Ouarzazate

Around 0700 I drove again in the direction of Ourzazate to be there on time 1000. On the right I saw the Atlas with its snow covered peaks far away from the road. Everything which is green here, has its cause in the glacier streams and the melt water after the snow melt. It must be quite large floods, which pour out then in the direction of Sahara. The Draa flows into the Atlantic again after a turn, the rest seeps into the desert. Before I could drive off, a guy from the shop under the hotel 20dh coaxed me out of his car on the grounds that he had been looking after the car all night. I didn’t believe that, but I didn’t feel comfortable with the whole hotel. So I gave it to him and made off.

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