2012 China – Intro

Travelogue of a 2000 km tour through China in May-June 2012. Due to a business stay I had some days to travel around in China with starting point Dalian. The question arose at the beginning, where to go and what is feasible in which time. Originally the route was supposed to run further west, but was discarded due to lack of time. A detour to inner Mongolia was also rejected, as the return would have to take place on the same route. So I decided for maximum day trips of about 300 – 500 km with the destination Shanghai in nine days.

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2012 China – Day 1 – 31.05.2012 – Xingcheng

Around 0700 got up, surfed and had breakfast (boiled eggs 2x, bamboo shoots, fried rice, which also contained ham). The coffee machine had only hot water, but I took it with me. A slice of white bread with jam for a total of 12Y. Afterwards I took a shower and checked out. There was sun and the temperature was about 24°C. First I got some cigarettes and a lighter down at the hotel. The saleswoman had not understood me first, because I had pointed at the cigarettes and then at the lighter. The whole thing cost 11Y. The lighter for 1Y, the cigarettes for 10Y. The cigarettes had only 0.8mg nicotine, which was once sold as lights 15 years ago, because they had only half as much nicotine as normal cigarettes. The first lighter had lasted only three days until it disintegrated into all parts, long before the gas was gone.

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