🇲🇦 2011 Marokko – Tag 12 – Zagora / Merzouga

Wie man leicht an dem ersten Bild erkennen kann war ich schon recht zeitig unterwegs. Über Zagora schwebte noch der Nebel und es war nicht sehr warm. Eigentlich war es kurz vor 0 Grad. Die Nacht in dem Hotel war nicht besonders toll, da mein Zimmer irgendwie wieder Lücken hatte und es zog und außerdem keine Heizung da war. Ich hatte mir schon überlegt für 10€ wenigstens einen Heizlüfter zu kaufen, aber das lohnte nun wirklich nicht, da auch die meisten Zimmer kein Strom hatten und ich das Ding wieder los werden musste. Ausserdem gab es auch nirgends welche, ich suchte auch nicht danach.

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🇲🇦 2011 Morocco – Day 11 – Zagora / Mhamid

I got up again around 0800. The night had become quite cold, especially in a room where there was no heating. I hadn’t really expected that. In the quite clear hotel was already quite a lot going on and the noise from inside came to that from outside still in addition. First I checked out again at the old slow Zausel at the reception and went a few meters to the left of the Royal to have the usual breakfast. Strong milky coffee fairy with an omelette. While I sat there comfortably at the street and looked around with cigarettes and coffee in the area I saw opposite a car rental, which brought me on the thought to ask nevertheless times for the prices.

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🇲🇦 2011 Morocco – Day 12 – Zagora / Merzouga

As you can see from the first picture I was on my way quite early. Above Zagora there was still fog and it was not very warm. Actually it was just before 0 degrees. The night in the hotel was not particularly great, since my room had somehow again gaps and it pulled and besides no heating was there. I had already thought about buying at least one fan heater for 10€, but that really wasn’t worth it, because most of the rooms didn’t have electricity and I had to get rid of the thing again.

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