Surrounding Of Meriton Suites In Zetland/Sydney Australia ?? – E18 4K

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Sydney is an absolutely wonderful place. This video gives a small overview of the surroundings in Zetland. Zetland has got a lot of new buildings in the last years and a lot is quite new. Besides the new buildings there are also typical older houses that remind of England. In the surroundings you can see how much work the Australians do with the design of their surroundings. Everywhere there are parks within short distances. At every corner there are plants, which are completely unknown at least for a European and either originate from tropical regions or are native plants. The parks have many amenities. There is drinking water everywhere, public barbecue areas, benches and shaded donors. Especially in summer these places are popular and are also clean and safe places to stay outside at night.

Meriton Suites Zetland Sydney Australia ?? – E17 4K

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: This video gives a small overview of Meriton Suites in Zetland in Sydney Australia. It is not really a hotel, but serviced apartments. What I have not shown here is that Meriton also has a pool in the ground floor. The Meriton is my preferred place to stay in Sydney. It is not cheap, but compared to the alternatives, especially for longer stays it is much better suited than being locked in a small hotel room.

2017 Western Australia – Day 15 – Karijini National Park

Nanutarra Roadhouse is a popular stop for travelers on their way through Western Australia. It is located on the North West Coastal Highway, around halfway between the towns of Karratha and Carnarvon. The Roadhouse serves as a hub for travelers and locals, providing essential services such as fuel, food, and accommodation.

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2017 Western Australia – Day 16 – Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park, located in Western Australia, is a spectacular and unique destination for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those seeking a true Australian adventure. The park is home to a diverse array of landscapes, including deep gorges, rugged ranges, and sparkling waterfalls. It is also home to a variety of plant and animal life, including rare and endangered species.

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2009 Florida – Day 2 – Orlando

After the cleaning lady had awakened me I grabbed my things, paid somehow at that time still in cash and went outside to look for a taxi. Wrong again. Credit card makes things easier and it is standard that you can call the taxi in front of the hotel at the reception. Yes at that time I was still really inexperienced. Somehow I found a taxi or maybe I got a call because I remember that the area there seemed quite lost. The journey cost again approx. 50$. That doesn’t have to surprise at all, because the distances in the USA are much bigger than anywhere else.

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